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Having an intimate knowledge of the London Property Market and the Design and Build process, we are ideally positioned to offer strategic partnerships with individuals who wish to invest in property development opportunities for short term Capital gains.

JPS Investors




JPS Identifying the property

Identifying the Property

Through our network of agents, on-line property search websites and auction rooms we aim to find properties that meet our development criteria of:

  • Investors Fund Value
  • A property that when modernised, extended and/or converted will achieve our targeted profit margins upon sale

Once a property is identified we produce a proposal detailing the opportunity, the purchase investment, the proposed works, provisional cost of building works, the project completion time frame, re-sale values with expected margins.





JPS Adding Value to The Property

Adding Value to The Property

Refurbishment: the added value in the property is that it requires modernising and/or re-configuring to achieve its optimum sale price. Typically properties can be completed ready for re-sale market within 3 months of purchase, dependent upon the size of the property.

Extensions, Conversions and Basements: the value in the property is to increase the sqm2 by extending, converting loft and/or adding a basement. These projects take longer due to planning process and the scope of the work. However, from planning approval, properties can be completed ready for the re-sale market from 3-6 months for extensions and conversions and 6-12 months for basements.

Typical investment start at around £650,000 for flats or apartments requiring refurbishment.




JPS Design & Build

Design & Build

Upon purchase completion time is ticking to get the property back onto the re-sale market after completing the agreed building works.

We put a dedicated build team straight onto the project, where we treat the project like any other; to complete to a high standard within budget and on time.

We Project Manage the entire process from architectural design to planning, to build, to interior design including supply of kitchens, bathrooms, lighting etc






JPS Realising Capital Gain / Selling the Property

Realising Capital Gain / Selling the Property

Each property is bought through a dedicated Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). A Shareholders Agreement or Partnership Agreement will stipulate the investor’s financial obligations, order of payments and Capital Gain Share upon Sale.

Investors can expect to receive their investment plus a final share of the profit upon sale. Typically we aim to achieve margins on cost from 10% on Refurbishments and from 20% on Build Projects (Extensions, Conversions and Basements), however, there are no absolute guarantees.

Investors fund the purchase, the purchase costs, such as legal fees and stamp duty, and the Build costs.